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OPENING KEYNOTE DAY 3: Learning In Thin Air

  • Date

    January 12, 2017

  • Time

    9:30 am – 10:30 am

  • Location

    Cohen Ballroom

  • Building

    Toronto Congress Centre



Scott is a masterful storyteller, a leadership trainer, an Executive MBA Professor and a life-long mountaineer. He is the 51st Canadian to summit Mount Everest and the 15th Canadian to climb the 7 Summits. Scott will share the insights he has gained while climbing and leading high altitude expeditions for over 25 years.

Not only will this presentation contain gripping stories, but Scott will demonstrate the strategies that have led to both success and failure and how they can be applied to your personal, team and leadership development.

What is it that separates success from failure? What allows some leaders and teams to achieve greatness where others stumble? Today’s business environment is more complex than ever and presents a series of mountains, which must all be scaled. While there is always a leader breaking the trail to the top, they cannot do it alone. Great success comes from the synergy of great leadership, teamwork, and personal focus.

Scott will introduce models and concepts in the areas of leadership, vision, change management, communication, circles of influence, personal accountability, personal drive, team development and goal setting.


  • Scott Kress

    Scott Kress

    Summit Team Building

    Oakville, ON

    Scott is a highly accomplished leadership and team development trainer, author and keynote speaker.

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