Recruiting to the Rescue: Find, Attract, Get Onboard and Keep the Right People

  • Date

    January 10, 2018

  • Time

    10:45 am – 11:45 am

  • Location

    Waxman Room

  • Building

    Toronto Congress Centre

#LOCongress '18
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Tired of putting up with an inferior work force or you just can’t find the right people? You can’t grow your company because of a limited workforce and your labor costs are too high...
Don't give up! Bill and Ed will help "rescue" you and your company! 

Learn how to set up a comprehensive recruitment program, including how to source, screen and select the right people. Learn the 10-step process to build your organization into a "Recruiting Machine"! Bill has successfully used these 10 steps for the past 40 years to find the best this industry has to offer. You’ll learn a whole new 'way of life' thinking on recruiting and hiring. We’ll assess your specific needs and determine the best strategies, tools and practices to use to attract, find and land the people you need.

You will also learn:
¥ To identify the right person for the job.
¥ Creative ways to find the right people and get them to be part of your team.
¥ How to ask questions that will “root” out what you really need to know.
¥ How to make yourself more attractive than your competitor.
¥ Why the first 90 days is so critical to a new employees’ success.

Bill has conducted over 5,000 interviews in his 40-year career in the industry, and has hired hundreds of middle managers, leaders and business developers. Learn how he has used his tips, tactics and techniques for recruiting and hiring the RIGHT PEOPLE to build some of the best teams in the industry.


  • Bill Arman

    Bill Arman

    The Harvest Group

    Wilton, CT

    Bill’s experience cuts a broad swath across corporate America.

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  • Ed Laflamme

    Ed Laflamme LIC, CLP

    The Harvest Group

    Wilton, CT

    Ed’s greatest asset to his clients is the fact that he’s owned and operated his own business.

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