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Bob Reeves

Bob Reeves

Bob’s passion is his conviction that Soil Health = Plant Health. He began the Root Rescue project in 2005 with a discovery he made at his family’s nursery and garden centre, Reeves Florist & Nursery, in Woodbridge, Ontario.

He’s worn many hats over the years: grower, nursery buyer, IT manager, and landscape designer and estimator for his own design-build company, Reevisions Designs. Bob is also the developer of the widely-used landscape design and quotation software suite - DynaScape.

At the centre of his career has been the pursuit of his twin loves: ornamental plants, and industry innovation. He advocates strongly for a holistic approach to growing and sustaining the landscapes we all work with. Plant success = our success.

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    The Microbial Life in Soil and the Health of Your Business
    1:30 pm to 2:30 pm
    Pinsent Room