James Garriss

James J Garriss III

Browning Media LLC
Las Vegas, NV

James began his career with The Browning Newsletter when he was four years old, photocopying jet stream maps from the stacks of various University of New Mexico libraries. This was all the more impressive since he is legally blind and couldn’t see the copy machine buttons. He has now been a partner in the business for more than 6 years. As the third generation in the business, he is helping to lead a new direction in historical climatology, bringing a fresh economic perspective to the company.

With an academic background in international business, he is a writer, editor and researcher for Browning Media LLC, helping to present accurate climatological projections for a myriad of U.S. and international agricultural, financial, insurance and energy companies. He has worked and studied in multiple countries, becoming business fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. James now presents an enhanced international perspective to weather, climate, and its impact around the globe.

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