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Jennifer Lemcke

Jennifer Lemcke

In January 1993, Jennifer turned her attention to the lawn care industry. She became a manager trainee for Weed Man in Ottawa, Canada. During her first year with Weed Man, Jennifer worked in every position from marketing to administration to field technician. This varied experience gave her valuable, hands-on knowledge and understanding of the lawn care industry.

After completing her year of training in 1993, Jennifer was promoted to General Manager of the Weed Man Ottawa franchise. From that time to December 1999, Jennifer managed the sales and administration divisions and helped grow the franchise revenues from $200,000 to $2,000,000. This tremendous growth created a deficiency in the systems and standards needed for the newly expanded company. In 1998, this was addressed during an ambitious standardization project where training manuals and Power Point presentations were created to ensure the continuity of each Weed Man office. Jennifer played a big role in this process and was a leading force in the implementation of these standardized systems.

In addition, Jennifer oversaw the implementation of a new computer system throughout the Weed Man network. She traveled from franchise to franchise installing and training staff on the new systems.

The advent of the new millennium brought Jennifer to Weed Man Scarborough. While bringing a helping hand to the existing management team in Scarborough and managing the two largest lawn care companies in Canada, Jennifer gained the experience she needed to launch Weed Man in the United States. Jennifer is now responsible for training and supporting Weed Man's 10 U.S. sub-franchisors and 183 licensed franchisees covering over 472 territories representing over $90 Million in system sales.

Jennifer is highly regarded in the lawn care industry in both Canada and the United States. Her vast experience from the ground up has created a demand for her services as a consultant within the industry and the professional associations affiliated with lawn care. Jennifer’s high energy lifestyle carries over to her family. She is married to Chris Lemcke and has three athletic children. Her greatest joy is spending time with them going from lacrosse to hockey events.

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