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Jeremy Harris

Jeremy Harris BA

Region of Peel
Brampton, ON

Jeremy Harris has been working as a professional in outdoor water efficiency with the Region of Peel since 2007. He has completed over 200 irrigation audits and designed over 2,000 water efficient fusion landscapes. His comprehensive background in water efficient irrigation best practices, design and auditing afforded him the opportunity to assist in the development the Water Smart Irrigation Professional Certification in partnership with Landscape Ontario and York Region.

Jeremy also assisted in the development of an incentive program that supports the implementation of water efficient technologies in outdoor irrigation for Residential, ICI and multi-family facilities. He has extensive education and knowledge with water efficient landscape design, construction and maintenance. His experience and knowledge of water conservation, current water efficiency practices and principles related to outdoor water use has helped Irrigation contracting firms, property management companies and residents manage water utility costs effectively while maintaining the appearance of the landscape.

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