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John Graham

John Graham CCA

Graham Agriservices
Port Hope, ON

John is co-owner of Graham Agriservices and President of Port Britain Chemicals Incorporated which retails pesticides to agricultural and aquatic applicators. He has been licensed for more than 30 years and is recognized by the Professional Applicator's Institute of Ontario Agri Business with Master Applicator Award. John teaches Pre Exam for applicator licences for OABA (Ontario Agri Business Association), Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario Federation of Angler and Hunters, and private groups.

John reports IPM for a nine hole golf course and a 27 hole golf course, as well as manages 25 sports fields including fertilizing, aerating, over seeding, dethatching, top dressing and spraying. John is an aquatic applicator and aquatic weed adviser and he consults and treats invasive weed species including Dog Strangling Vine (since 2006), Wild Parsnip (2012), Giant Hogweed (2006), Eurasian Milfoil (1996), Phragmites (2012) and Water Soldier (2008).

He holds licenses for Agricultural Exterminator, Landscape Exterminator, Forestry Exterminator, Industrial Vegetation Exterminator, Aquatic Vegetation Exterminator, Mosquito/Biting Flies Exterminator, General Pesticide Vendor Licence, and Pesticides Operator Licence.

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